Van Alstyne High School

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Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) is a great way to get to know and serve your community. Our club is a part of the Family and Consumer Sciences program at Van Alstyne high school and we hold our meetings during I-25 every Thursday in room 204 or room 120. Not only does it provide community service opportunities for the members/students, but it also allows people to come together for a greater purpose; The act of service.
Some of the community events that we have done in our chapter in the years past are stadium clean-ups, serving food and drinks at community events, working concessions at basketball games, volunteering at the animal shelter, and other service activities. All of these events have provided our members with community service hours and donations for our chapter. This money goes toward the cost of voluntary competitions in which students can participate in and even allows for students to have the opportunity to get their letterman jacket! Not only is it an extremely fun club to join, but it also looks good on your college transcripts.
We lead with passion, purpose, and pride