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Community Service

Community Service Online Log
Van Alstyne High School Community Service FAQ

What is Community Service?

Community Service is service volunteered by individuals or an organization to benefit the community and intended to be for the common good.  Community Service hours are hours volunteered for nonprofit organizations or individuals who are not able to pay for services.  Students should not benefit by earning a grade or any material item.  Fundraising is not considered community services.  Hours must be outside of the school day.

How do I get credit for Community Service?

Students should document hours on the community service log.  A signature of a supervising adult is required; parent signatures are not accepted. Hours are collected from April 15th through April 14th of each calendar year; students may begin collecting hours April 15th of their 8th grade year.  The community service log must be turned in by the deadline, April 15th. Late Community Service Logs will not be accepted.

How do I get a community Service Award?

Students who turn in at least 30 hours of community service by the deadline will earn a community service award at the end of the year.

Who receives recognition at Graduation?

Students who earn a Community Service Award 9th-12th grades, or for each year they are at VAHS,  will be recognized at Graduation with a medal. Students who do not attend VAHS 9-12 grades will only be required to earn the award during the years they are enrolled by December.